Dismantling the Valves

How to dismantle a valve

In addition to our care instructions you find here a detailed description about how to dismantle a valve.

Needed Tools

Small screwdriver, medium screwdriver, small hammer (50g), plastic tube (diameter about 3cm, hole min. about 1cm), punch (size of tip = 2mm).


Remove the valve cap on the front side of your horn.


Then, on the back of the valve, remove the screw of the push rod and the screw of the vane.


Place the punch in the hole in the center.


Gently tap the punch with the hammer, this will push out the bearing on the front side.


The bearing cover is removed (On the fingers: bearing cover with ball). Now the rotor is visible inside the valve.


Removed rotor. Clean the rotor with some cloth and oil.


Clean the casing with some cloth.


Put the rotor back into the housing and place the bearing cover on top.


Place the plastic tube on the bearing cap so that the protruding center part fits into the hole in the tube.


Tap with the small hammer onto the plastic block. When the bearing plate is back in place, screw the valve cap back onto the casing.


Test the valve if it is running free.


Place the wing back on the shaft; this can only be done in one position.


Place the screw on the shaft and tighten it with the screwdriver.


Screw the push rod to the sash using the small screwdriver.

Now you are done!

Finke care instructions

A horn likes to be cared for. How to properly care for your horn, so that it accompanies you for a long time sonorous, we show you on our Care instructions page!