Legacy double horn

F / Bb double horn Legacy, model 65

The design of our Legacy model follows the tradition of Carl Geyer's double horns. The 120-degree valve and the parallel arrangement of the main and F tuning slide are characteristic features. By reducing the supports and soldering the crucial pipe bends together, the approach behavior was decidedly changed. The result was a feeling of playing 'like it was cut from a single block' that expanded the overtone spectrum.

Taper options

Our medium taper is the standard for our B-horns. With a very good intonation, the warm and direct sound is ideal for solo performances as well as in an orchestra.
It has the fullest integrity of the fortissimo tone without exhibiting the roughness found in most Geyer copies. Even those who are used to a much larger taper will find the perfect balance between reaction and power here. This taper length can be combined very well with other bell sizes.

The medium-wide taper gives the instrument an even larger tone volume with an excellent load-bearing capacity in the concert hall. This taper length stays perfectly in tune and gives the instrument the dynamics of a modern orchestral horn.

Our wide taper is perhaps also our most unusual! How can an instrument with a large taper offer the width of tone of the large Kruspe-style instruments while being so easy to play? The horn takes on the great American silver horns, offering the player all the power and aggressiveness he / she expects, but with the superior accuracy and carrying capacity of the tone in large concert halls.

More about this under OPTIONS. OPTIONS.

Technical details

  • Weight 2400g
  • Bore 12,1mm
  • Bell diameter 310mm


  • Yellow-Brass 8.090€
  • Gold-Brass 8.290€
  • Nickel Silver 8.590€

The prices listed include a leadpipe of your choice, a four-year rotor guarantee and mechanical minibal joints. For more information on prices, see the PREISLISTE.

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