Natural horns

Natural Horn

Our invention horn is similar to the original Bohemian Instrument by Franz Stöhr, Prague from the early 19th century and, like that, is made of particularly thin brass. With the crooks, different pitches from C-alto to Bb-basso are possible. The very long tuning slide also allows historical tuning of 415 hz.

The instrument can be delivered with a decorated brass garland (picture) or rolled rim on the bell

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Technical details

  • Weight 720g
  • Weight (with garland) 870g
  • Bore 11mm
  • Bell diameter 285mm


  • Historic natural horn in C.
    additional crooks:
  • alto Bb- crook 250€
  • A-crook 270€
  • G-crook 300€
  • F-crook 370€
  • E-crook 410€
  • Eb-crook 440€
  • D-crook 480€
  • C-Basso crook 500€
  • Bb basso combination crook 220€

The instrument is delivered polished, on request with clear lacquer finish. see PRICE LIST.