Second hand instruments

Like new - used instruments

Used instruments and accessories at favorable conditions, you will find listed here.
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Finke high G trumpet

High G trumpet, gold brass finish, lacquered, with fourth / fifth valve, ball joint mechanism, the instrument is in very good condition and has no dents

Price: € 1190.-

H.F. Double horn button

The instrument was probably the first prototype for this model. The horn has a very good response and is in good condition despite its age. The instrument is made of brass and has been silver-plated. The levers have been reworked, which significantly improves the playing posture.

Price: € 3350.-

Jupiter Euphonium JEP 470

Jupiter Euphonium JEP-470
4 valves, with case, brass, lacquered.
The instrument has some signs of wear, but is in good playing condition. It was cleaned by us and small repairs were carried out.

Price: € 550.-


Finke Bb concert trumpet

Bb concert trumpet from our company, brass instrument, lacquered.
The instrument was overhauled and relacquered.

Price: € 690.-