Perinet Trumpets

Shown here is our entry level model the Bb perinet trumpet model Stratos, with two water keys, tone controls on 1st and 3rd slide, monel valves and nickel silver slides. Stratos is only available in brass. Shown below is the Bb perinet trumpet (model no. 16) with 125 mm cup diameter, adjustable tone control on the 3rd slide, tuning slide on the 1st slide, precision valves made of stainless steel, inner and outer slides made of nickel silver bronze valve body, automatic tuning lever on the 1st slide. This instrument is available with wide or medium taper.


Further models and prices can be found on our price list.

  • Bb-Perinet Trumpets, model "Stratos", Brass 980€
  • Bb-Perinet Trumpet Nr.16, Yellow-Brass 2.550€
  • Bb-Perinet Trumpets Nr.16, Gold-Brass 2.750€
  • Bb-Perinet Trumpets Nr.16, Nickel Silver 2.950€

High Trumpets

Finke builds the high Bb, high g and high D trumpets with 4 rotary valves in same proven lightweight construction technology as with the french horns. The high Bb trumpet can be tuned in A with the long slide (Kluppenzug). The fourth valve is a combined Quint/quart valve (the center section can be taken out, then it becomes a quart valve). With the quint you can play down to the C of the D-trumpet. The valves of these instruments are manufactured made of high-grade steel and the mechanics are provided with Minibal steering.


Further models and prices can be found on our price list.

  • High-Bb or
    High-G, Yellow-Brass
  • High-Bb or
    Hoch-G, Goldmessing
  • High-D, Yellow-Brass 2.890€
  • Hoch-D, Goldmessing 2.990€

The fanfare trumpet

Our 70 cm long Eb fanfare trumpet is characterized by its low weight and easy response. The instrument can be delivered either polished, lacquered or silver-plated. Optionally, a water key can be attached to the tuning slide and overblowing holes in the area of the upper bow of the instrument.

Technical details

  • Bore 11,2mm
  • Bell diameter 132mm


  • Brass. painted 820€

The natural trumpet, short form

Our natural trumpet model number 3 is designed for the Otto Steinkopf 3-tone hole system.

The normal tuning of this compact baroque trumpet is in D (440 Hz). Tuning sheets for the tunings Db, C and Cb can be supplied as an option. The instrument is also available with historical decorations.