Compact horns

Children's horn, model 55/56

Our children's B-horn is not a student instrument where a lower price means many concessions. Like the large FINKE horns, the small children's horn - with or without a tamping valve - is only made of the best materials. It is a full-fledged instrument: Despite its small dimensions, it enables a real, round horn sound! Children and adolescents usually play horns that weigh 2 kg or more. Too heavy for young arms!

The small Bb horn, however, can be passed on to the young horn players without hesitation. It weighs 1.45 kg, a little more with the detachable bell. To make it easier for the children to hold and handle their horn, it is compactly built and equipped with an adjustable hand rest and a finger hook. "Beginner lessons only with the F horn!" is a demand many horn teachers have. That's why FINKE also offers a set of slides to go with the small Bb horn, which can be used to convert it to an F horn. Adult amateur and professional musicians will also discover the small and very light Bb horn for themselves! It helps the elderly e.g. over orthopedic complaints. In chamber music, one can often get along without a double horn. And during vacation, the Bb "little horn" ensures that the embouchure remains.

Technical details

  • Weight 1450g
  • Bore 12,1mm
  • Bell diameter 290mm


  • Yellow-Brass 3.050€
  • Yellow-Brass with A / stopping 3.650€
  • Set of F horn slides 400€
  • Surcharge for F equipment (instead of B) from No. 55 250€

The prices listed include a leadpipe of your choice, a four-year rotor guarantee and mechanical minibal joints. Please see our price list for prices for options.