Americus / Brendan double horns

F / Bb double horn Americus / Brendan, model 68/69

Our Americus and Brendan models differ from the Europa models in terms of the F-diversion. This is bent from a continuous tube and runs parallel to the bell and the lug. The main and F tuning slide are not next to each other, but on top of each other. The Americus is built with our wide and the Brendan with our medium scale.

Technical details

  • Weight 2400g
  • Bore 12mm
  • Bell diameter 310mm


  • Yellow-Brass 6.850€
  • Gold-Brass 7.050€
  • Nickel Silver 7.350€

The prices listed include a leadpipe of your choice, a four-year rotor guarantee and mechanical minibal joints. Please see our price list for prices for options.