Perinet Trumpets

Shown above is our entry level model the Perinet trumpet in Bb model Stratos, with 2 water keys, tuning slide at 1. and 3. course, Monell-valves and german silver courses. Stratos is available only in yellow brass. Shown on bottom is the Perinet trumpet in Bb (model No. 16) with 125 mm bell diameter, adjustable tuning slide at the 3. course, tuning slide at the 1. course, precision valves from stainless steel, interior and external of bronze valve housing made of german silver, automatic tuning lever at the 1. course. This instrument is available with medium or wide taper.

High Trumpets

Finke builds the high Bb, high g and high D trumpets with 4 rotary valves in same proven lightweight construction technology as with the french horns. The high Bb trumpet can be tuned in A with the long slide (Kluppenzug). The fourth valve is a combined Quint/quart valve (the center section can be taken out, then it becomes a quart valve). With the quint one can play down to the C of the D-trumpet. The valves of these instruments are manufactured made of high-grade steel and the mechanics are provided with Minibal steering.


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