El Trompa Ligero

Ergonomic Design

Investigations carried out with professional musicians confirm again and again that they suffer wear and tear of the,spine, neck, shoulders and wrist. This is a particular problem with heavy double and triple horns of traditional design. Thus, the prime target was to make the “lightweight horn”.

Light Valves

Heavy brass valves were an obvious starting point. Used for about 150 years, some manufactures had already tried lighter materials with plastic coatings, but heat expansion caused sticking, and they lost interest. Helmut Finke was not so easily discouraged. After input from the Bielefeld Engineering Institute, and some intial upsets, he suceeded with the design of a non-expanding synthetic rotor bonded to a stainless steel shaft. So, since the early 1970`s when synthetic rotors were first introduced, our materials and design has continuously evolved. Today we employ a carbon fibre used by the aircraft industry to replace metal. It melts at 370 Centigrade; a temperature which even the most stressed player will not reach! Finke players all over the world are testament to the suitability of our approach. 

Technical Advantages

  • The synthetic rotors do not corrode, therefore there is no wear
  • The cleaning of the rotors is easier, this can be done by the player
  • Due to the reduced mass, the action of the valve feels so much faster

Lean Tubes

We did not only make the valves lighter, we also reduced the weight of other parts of the instrument. The thickness of the tubes was reduced, which saved about 30% of the instrument`s weight. In addition to this, some other parts of the horn were treated the same way. The result is a much lighter, well balanced instrument which is still very solid and easy to play and a wonderful response. Finke Horns are some of the lightest instruments on the market.

Sound Matters

With the same thoroughness, we worked on the acoustics. The light weighed horns should be easy to play and well in tune. Finke was the first brass instrument maker who consulted the Physical Acoustic Institute in Brunswick. After several years of close cooperation and research with Dr. Klaus Wogram from the Federal Physical technical institute and several professional musicians, the Finke horn models reached a very high standard in intonation and response. The goal was reached to make high class instrument. Even now we continue to improve our instruments to perfection. More and more musicians discover the advantages of the Finke instruments.

Technical Progress

Several patents on our instruments over the years document the technical progress we have made. We value the heritage of the traditional instrument making and try to combine this with the possibilities modern technology offers nowadays.


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