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Our list of used instruments and accessories on favorable terms.
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Finke Americus - full double horn

Brass instrument, painted, screw cup, 3 years old, very good condition


Hans Hoyer B-Horn, 5 valves (A / plug + F)

2 thumb levers, with screw cup and painted,
New condition, was only played for 3 months.
Price: € 1790.-

Finke high-B trumpet

High B / A trumpet (Piccolo), brass version, painted, with fourth / fifth valve, ball joint mechanism, the instrument is in very good technical condition and has no dents.
Price: € 1200.-

Finke high G trumpet

High-G trumpet, gold brass version, painted, with quart / fifth valve, ball joint mechanism, the instrument is in very good condition and has no dents
Price: € 1200.-

King B-Horn with plug valve

painted, with case
Price: € 650.-

Vincent Bach trombone, model 36 G.

painted, with case and accessories, additional gig bag, very good condition

Price: € 1,590 .-
Instrument sold!

B / F double horn

compensated, by Herbert-Fritz Knopf
Instrument with wreath, fairly good condition, with case


Finke Baroque bass trombone in F

Instrument is equipped with a quart valve, handle on the toy, painted, very good condition, with case. The quart valve could also be removed if desired. The model for the scale is the instrument from Haas / Nuremberg


Finke B concert trumpet

Instrument from the 60s, polished, coil spring printing mechanism, the condition is good, with case


Monke B concert trumpet

very good condition, with case, drum printing mechanism, engraving: made by Josef Monke, Cologne


Getzen High-B Piccolo Trumpet Eterna



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