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Someone asked me to recommend a horn for chamber playing. I'm in a professional wind quintet and love my Finke Brendan model. I also use the Finke for all kinds of free-lancing as well (orchestra from 1st horn to 4th horn, shows, church concerts, etc.). I love the sound of this horn whether I'm playing it or listening to someone else using this model. In fact I was drawn to this horn when I heard a few of my colleagues on theirs and thought they sounded much better than before! When playing this instrument, it is very easy to focus the sound and very easy to slur. The horn has excellent intonation, no weak notes, and I find it responds well throughout the whole range. Besides my impression that the horn plays itself, I like it because it projects very well in a large ensemble, can really take the power, and yet sounds glorious up close as well and is so suitable for chamber situations. I was a Conn 8D player for decades. In fact my living room is a "parking lot" filled with 8Ds and 28Ds. I even have an Alexander descant but I just play the Finke now.

Barbara Oldham
Quintet of the Americas


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