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The manufacturing of french horns has become our specialty. Examples of our standard models are shown here, but contact us if you have specific requirements.

High G/F single horn
single horn
compact horns
F/B double horns
triple horns
Bb/bb soprano double descant horn
B high f double descant
natural horn
wagner tuben

piston valve trumpets
rotory valve trumpets
piccolo trumpets

Here you find a variety of our popular models. In the price list you find the complete range. By request, we try to realize all special wishes.

alto trombone
tenor trombone with valve
tenor trombone
bass trombone

contrabass trombone

Finke sackbuts were the first reproductions of historical trombones in the 20th century.
Als Vorbilder dienten Museumsstücke der berühmten Nürnberger Instrumentenmacherfamilie Haas.

alto sackbut
tenor sackbut
bass sackbut

Reproduction of authenthic instruments of the baroque epoche and instruments for more modern uses.

wide fanfare trumpet
long trumpet
coiled natural trumpet


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