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Finke trombones are handmade instruments, every detail fabricated in our own workshop. The experiences of many musicians are part of our instruments as also the cooperation and research over many years with the Physical Technical Institute in Brunswick. Finke trombones correspond to the high demands of orchestral musicians today. The instruments have easy going slides made of a specially hard copper/niquel alloy. For that reason they are outstanding in balance and very comfortable to hold.

Finke quart trombones are designed in such a way, that the slide can be taken off to correct courses up to a half-tone. The play courses are inside as outside made of german silver and precisely manufactured. All valve tubings have full drilling width, with large radii allowing optimal troublefree airflow. The changes are running in ball bearings made of high-grade steel. The valve levers work with very short pressure, the movements are transferred over ball joints. We have the quart trombone in American or German design, with the German there are two different bell diameters possible.

Bore american type
14 mm
Bell ø american type
215 mm
Bore german type
13,5 mm
Bell ø german type
220 od. 235mm


The two designs differ not only with the bell diameter but also in the arrangement of the pipes.


With use of modern technology, Finke reduced considerable the weight of the horns and with that improved the response.

Information about alloys, bell flares and other options.

Cases, mutes, cleaning accesoiries, etc.

All Finke instruments and options. Information about delivery times.


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