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This is not a student model where a lower price means many concessions. The compact Bb horn is like the other FINKE models only made of the best quality materials. Children and young people often play horn that weight 2 kg and more – too heavy for young arms! The Bb horn from the Finke range is an improvement here. The compact Bb-Horn can be used without reservation by the youngest of horn players as it only weight 1.4 kg. And despite its small size a full round tone can be produced. Some of the standard features are the adjustable finger hook and the flipper to be flexible and supportive for growing hands. Not only children and young horn-players but amateurs and professional horn players will discover for themselves this small Bb horn as it is a high quality instrument. It also helps players to overcome orthopaedic  and embouchure problems.It is ideal for chamber music where a small sized horn is preferable and a double horn not always necessary. During the holidays the same horn enables you to keep your lip in trim. With a detachable bell it weights a little more but in return fits in a small case. The compact Bb horn can even be modified with a set of tuning slides to a horn in F. Another option is the A/stop valve to support even further ambitions.

1,450 kg
12 mm
bell diameter
290 mm
distance between bell rim and mouthpiece receiver
310 mm


The compact horn can be ordered with an A/stop valve

The miniball linkages allow smooth, fast and quite operating valves.

With use of modern technology, Finke reduced considerable the weight of the horns and with that improved the response.


For all our instruments various leadpipes are available, which change the tonal color and reaction of the horn to adjust it to the players´ needs.

Information about alloys, bell flares and other options.

Cases, mutes, cleaning accesoiries, etc.

All Finke instruments and options. Information about delivery times.


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