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Weighing only 1,7 kg this is a light weight horn ideal for solo work and chamber music. It can be supplied with an extra F-extension or be available with a fitted 5th valve. (The extension is to be used instead of the stopping extension. A further possibility is the B/C-A where the C-valve is operated by a second thumb lever. (With the C-valve the single horn in Bb has an even better a" -(sounding d")). The tone of our single Bb-horn  can hardly be distinguished from that of a doublehorn. Its response and the lightly moving finger-levers give the hornplayer a feeling of effortless agility. The single Bb-horn can  be ordered with bell-size Brendan, Europa and Americus.

BRENDAN – our Geyer-model, named after the Irish Saint who discovered the „New World" in the 11th century, captures the richest integrity of tone in the fortissimo range without the harshness found in most Geyer copies. It is possible that players used to a far larger throat will find the Brendan the perfect balance of response and power. The Brendan taper can be well combined with different bell flares, more about it on the Options page.

AMERICUS – this popular instrument is perhaps our most unusual! How can an instrument with only a large throat provide the broadness of tone of the large Kruspe style instruments, yet be so easy to play? With success the Americus has invaded the very bastion of the large, nickel hornplaying school, providing the player with all the power and aggression demanded but with far superior accuracy.

Bb Horn 5 valves
This image shows a special version of the Bb horn, a Brendan-model with stopping- and F-valve.

Weight with A / stopping
1.7 kg
weight without stopping valve
  1.5 kg
cyl. bore
12 mm
bell diameter
310 mm

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The Bb single horn is equipped with the proven FINKE-valves. The valve caps are decorated with the Rose of Lippe.

Backside of a special version of the Bb horn with stopping- and F-valve.

With use of modern technology, Finke reduced considerable the weight of the horns and with that improved the response.


For all our instruments various leadpipes are available, which change the tonal color and reaction of the horn to adjust it to the players` needs.

Information about alloys, bell flares and other options.

Cases, mutes, cleaning accesoiries, etc.

All Finke instruments and options. Information about delivery times.



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